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“Your Path to Professional Soaring: Fly Jinnah Careers Opportunities”

Fly Jinnah Careers

Fly Jinnah,a Pakistani airline offers exciting career opportunities

About Fly JinnahFly Jinnah


Fly Jinnah is a joint venture company between the Lakson Group and the Air Arabia Group based in Pakistan.

The airline focuses on providing comfort, reliability, and value-for-money air travel to customers.

It caters to travelers across Pakistan and considers Pakistan its home.

Current Job Openings

Fly Jinnah is actively recruiting for various positions in the operations department:
A320 Captain
First Officer
Cabin Crew
And more!
If you’re an experienced pilot or a talented candidate, consider applying to be part of Fly Jinnah team
For detailed information and to apply, visit the Fly Jinnah Careers Good luck with your career aspirations. 🛫

What are the requirements to be a cabin crew?

Fly jinnah cabin crew

If you’re interested in becoming a cabin crew member at Fly Jinnah, here are the requirements you need to meet:

Minimum Age:
You must be at least 20 years old.
A Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) is acceptable for this role.
Language Skills:
Knowing how to speak and write English really well is super important.
Fluency in other languages is a plus.
Physical Requirements:
Height: For female candidates, the minimum height requirement is 160 cm, while for males, it’s 168 cm.
Weight: Your weight should be in proportion to your age and height.
Appearance: Clear skin with no visible marks or tattoos while wearing the cabin crew uniform is essential.
Ready to take off on this exciting career journey? You can apply for the Fly Jinnah cabin crew position online via their official website 1. Best of luck

What is the training process for cabin crew members?

fly jinnah careers

The training process for Fly Jinnah cabin crew members is comprehensive and prepares them for their crucial role in ensuring passenger safety and comfort. Here are the key steps involved:

1 Initial Training

Technical Training:Cabin crew candidates undergo rigorous technical training. This includes learning about emergency procedures, safety protocols, and aircraft systems.
Customer Experience Training: They receive guidance on providing excellent customer service, handling passenger inquiries, and maintaining a positive attitude.

2 **Practical Training**

In-Flight Simulations: Candidates practice emergency scenarios in realistic settings, such as evacuations, fire drills, and first aid procedures.
Service Training: They learn how to serve meals, handle special requests, and manage inflight services efficiently.

3 *Uniform and Appearance*

Cabin crew members receive their brand-new uniforms upon graduation.
They are expected to maintain a professional appearance, including clear skin and adherence to uniform guidelines.


After successfully completing the training, cabin crew members are officially considered graduates. Fly Jinnah’s first batch of 13 cabin crew members recently celebrated their graduation with pride.

5*Ongoing Learning*

  • Cabin crew members continue to receive regular training updates to stay current with safety procedures, service standards, and industry trends.

Remember, being a cabin crew member involves both technical skills and a warm, welcoming demeanor. If you’re passionate about aviation and customer service, this could be an exciting career path! 🛫

How long is the training process?Cabin crew How long is the training process

The duration of the cabin crew training process at Fly Jinnah typically spans several weeks. Here’s a breakdown of the training timeline:

1*Initial Ground Training*

Safety and Emergency Procedures: Candidates learn about aircraft safety protocols, emergency evacuations, and first aid.
Service Training: They receive guidance on in flight service, passenger interactions, and hospitality.

2*In-Flight Simulations*

Candidates practice emergency scenarios in realistic settings. This includes fire drills, evacuations, and handling medical situations.
They gain hands-on experience to ensure they can respond effectively during actual flights.

3*Customer Service Training*

Cabin crew members learn how to handle passenger inquiries, serve meals, and maintain a positive attitude.
They practice communication skills and conflict resolution.

4*Uniform and Appearance Guidelines*

Graduates receive their official uniforms.
They are expected to maintain a professional appearance, including clear skin and adherence to grooming standards.


After successfully completing all training modules, candidates graduate as certified cabin crew members.
They are ready to embark on their exciting career in aviation.

Remember that the exact duration may vary based on the airline’s specific program and individual progress. Fly Jinnah ensures that its cabin crew members are well-prepared to provide excellent service and safety to passengers. 🛫✨

What are the other job opportunities at Fly Jinnah?

Certainly! Fly Jinnah offers various job opportunities beyond cabin crew positions. Here are some other roles you might be interested in:

Flight Operations Engineer:

Responsibilities: As a flight operations engineer at Fly Dubai (near Dubai), you’ll be involved in managing flight operations and ensuring safe and efficient flights1.

Apply here.

Flight Attendant (Private Jet):

Responsibilities: This position is for a flight attendant at INOI Egypt Distribution LLC (near Dubai). You’ll provide excellent service to passengers on private jets2.

Apply here.

SVP Flight Operations:

Fly hinnah SVP Flight Operations:

Responsibilities: As a Senior Vice President (SVP) at Fly Dubai (near Dubai), you’ll play a key role in overseeing flight operations and strategic planning

Apply here.

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