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Air Arabia Ticket Check Online|Air Arabia Flight Status pnr

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Introduction about us

my name is Sadaqat Shah I have worked on Air Arabia flights at Sharjah Airport since 2007 If you are thinking of traveling some questions related to travel come to your mind. Then this article is for you Because in this article I will provide you with information about What we face daily as passengers at the airport From ticket booking until the flight goes in In between, you will get the answer to every question in this article. thanks

air arabia career certificate

How Can I Check Air Arabia Ticket Online?

How to check an Air Arabia ticket online in 3 simple steps

Air Arabia online check ticket

1- Clicks Here you will reach PNR on the information site

2 – Enter your last name And booking number /reference number / PNR number and date selection click search

3- You will be redirected to my managed booking Area there you can see Complete ticket information You can see the complete details of what you have already booked.

4- Manage Booking Area can add baggage seat of your choice your favorite food Airport Services and much more After adding all this Click on confirm

5-After confirming It will redirect you to the pay area Whatever activities you have done Everything will be shown to you along with the price. To make payment, add your credit card and debit card details and confirm. After payment is confirmed, two options will be shown on the screen. Print Now and send to your email address If you want to print then press the print button, otherwise enter your email and the ticket will be sent to your email.

What is the PNR number?

Air arabia pnr Number

PNR stands for Passenger Name Record, and it’s like a digital key that lets you check in online or handle your bookings quickly. Think of it as a special code with 10 letters and numbers mixed making travel simple and easy. think like this this will be a secret code for your tickets And every passenger on the flight has a different PNR number. This makes it easier for passengers to travel in flight.

How do I know if my Air Arabia ticket is confirmed?

After you pay for your booking and receive a reservation number or electronic in your email your reservation is confirmed. You need to reach out to us for validation you’re all set.

what if my ticket is not confirmed?

If you don’t receive your ticket confirmation for Air Arabia flights, go to your trips and review the details. In case of non-confirmation, the airline’s service provider will initiate a refund process and you can expect the amount to be credited to your account within 7 days. For any assistance or clarification, don’t hesitate to contact Air Arabia customer care. They are known for being genuinely helpful and can guide you through the process with ease.

Can I add seats after booking?

can i add seat from Air arabia

Short Answer: Yes, you can add a seat after booking. Click here, and you will be redirected to the seat selection area. First, enter your PNR number, the last name of the passenger, and the flight departure date. After that, click on confirm. You will be redirected to the seat maps area. From there, choose the seat you prefer and click on confirm. Enter your email address, and your ticket will be sent to your email.

Can I buy an extra seat on the plane?

You can purchase an additional seat on the plane. However, you’ll need to pay the full fare for the extra seat, which amounts to the total cost charged for a regular passenger ticket. Essentially, you’ll be required to buy two tickets for two seats. Payment for the extra seats can be made either at the check-in counter or inside the plane. and the receipt makes you a manual for extra seat charge payment.

Can we get a seat together on the flight?

Can we get seat together in flight

Yes of course I will tell you two ways So that you can easily take the set together with the family. and friend. If you charge extra for a seat You can reserve the seat of your choice at the time of booking. If you don’t want to charge extra for a seat Then you should do online checking early. Select a seat as per your wish, absolutely free. And if you want to check in at the airport During checking in, make a request for your family at the airport counter. He will help you with seat selection If a seat together is available Try to reach the check-in counter first Definity you will get a together seat for your family

What happens if you don’t select seats on a flight?

Sure thing You can choose not to pick a seat and save money, but remember a few important things.If you skip seat selection, it doesn’t mean you won’t get a seat on the flight. However, there’s a chance you might end up in the middle seat if you haven’t paid for a specific one. Consider this decision carefully, as it affects where you’ll be sitting during the flight. Keep in mind that airlines decide seats, and not choosing one doesn’t guarantee you’ll get

What is the middle seat trick?

Certainly! Some travelers use the “middle seat trick,” booking aisle and window seats in hopes the middle one stays empty for added comfort. Another tactic involves booking aisle seats in front of each other in a three-by-three plane setup, gaining popularity lately.

For those in the middle seat, it’s suggested to allow them access to both armrests, as this is their primary comfort zone. While you have the right to recline, be considerate of the person behind you, particularly if they have long legs.

As for the question, “What is the middle seat trick? It’s a strategy where two people book adjacent aisle and window seats, aiming for an unoccupied middle seat to enhance their in-flight experience.

Why do airlines charge extra for seats?

Airlines tend to showcase the lowest ticket prices to lure passengers into booking. Yet, they add extra charges for seat selection, aiming to boost their earnings. Here’s a helpful tip you can secure a desirable seat without extra costs. Airlines provide some free seat options that passengers may not be aware of. Take advantage of this by initiating online check-in 24 to 30 hours before the flight, ensuring you secure your preferred seat without any additional cost

How do I avoid paying for seat selection?

To avoid paying extra for a seat, opt for the basic fare when booking. Then 30 hours before your flight, check in online to choose a seat for free. Alternatively, visit the check-in counter and kindly request a complimentary seat. This straightforward process allows you to secure your preferred seat without additional charges.

Is a meal included in Air Arabia?

Air arabia meals menus

Within Air Arabia’s Economy Class, specific ticket categories don’t include meals in their pricing. Air Arabia offers 03 fare options Basic, Value. and Extra. Although the Basic fare doesn’t incorporate meals, passengers can indulge in a diverse selection of inflight meals by opting for pre-orders.

Can you get an extra meal on a flight?

Of course, that’s possible. There are usually extra meals left. Approach the flight attendants like this, “Excuse me. I enjoyed the meal, and I’m still quite hungry. If there are any extra meals after all passengers and the crew have been served, I would greatly appreciate a second one if available.” You’ll receive an additional meal.

Passengers requesting an extra meal will be provided one, depending on availability. Is it permissible to request an additional airplane meal after consuming the first

How do I know if my meal is included in my flight ticket?

Once you made your meal selections, you will find them conveniently listed under your ticket access comprehensive information about the airline’s in-flight services and meal choices, visit their website. Look for dedicated sections such as In-flight Services” or Travel Information to explore all the details.

Does Air Arabia provide free food?

Air Arabia doesn’t offer complimentary meals with the basic fare you need to opt for Value or Extra fare to enjoy free meals. The Extra package stands out as a great choice among the three. With the Extra package you will receive a complimentary first-class seat, free customizable meals, an additional 10 kg of baggage allowance, and a one-time free modification. All these delightful perks come with the Extra fare

What is the cancellation policy?

What is the cancellation policy?

Air Arabia allows modifications and

cancellations up to 72 hours before departure, with fees of 30% of the fare or a minimum of AED 200. Within 24 hours, no changes are permitted. Different rules apply for flights to/from Cairo, and Flexi or Extra fare offers more flexibility.

Can I get a refund from Air Arabia?

Air Arabia doesn’t have a refund policy; instead, the remaining amount is retained as credit for future flights, usable within one year from the payment date.

What is the cancellation fee?

Cancellation fees range from 30% of the fare or a minimum of AED 200, depending on the time before departure. Flexi or Extra fare provides flexibility, allowing one free modification or cancellation up to 8 hours before

What is the method of cancellation?

Cancellation can be done online, through the call center, or by visiting sales offices and partner travel agents. The process involves certain fees, varying based on the time of cancellation and the fare type.

Air Arabia Modification Policy: Easy Guide

1. Can I change the passenger name on the Air Arabia ticket?

Yes, name changes are allowed for on-hold bookings, free of charge. For paid bookings, name changes are permitted up to 24 hours before departure with applicable charges and fare differences.

2. What is air travel insurance?

What is air travel insurance

Air Arabia recommends Tune Protect travel insurance covering medical reimbursement, emergency evacuation, and more. It provides peace of mind for USD 50,000 accidental and sickness medical reimbursement, USD 20,000 for evacuation, and USD 3,000 for cancellation or curtailment.

3. What does travel insurance cover in the UAE?

Tune Protect travel insurance for UAE trips includes medical reimbursement, emergency evacuation, travel cancellation or curtailment, and ensuring stress-free travel. You can add it to your booking online or through various customer support channels.

For paid bookings, changes with applicable charges are allowed up to 24 hours before departure.

Charges vary from AED 350.00 for Sharjah & Abu Dhabi flights, and EGP 900 for Egypt flights.

Not applicable for Maroc flights and bookings paid using credit vouchers.

Correcting the passenger’s name spelling involves submitting a request with supporting documents or contacting customer support.

Manage Booking:

Modify your flight online 24 hours before (72 hours for Morocco) or through customer support.

Alterations are subject to modification charges and fare differences.

Add Extras:

Travel insurance, specifically Tune Protect, can be added to your booking for peace of mind.

Before You Fly:

The importance of travel insurance is highlighted for medical, emergency, and travel inconvenience coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Tune Protect is recommended for stress-free travel, covering medical reimbursement, evacuation, and cancellation or curtailment.

Insurance Claims:

Tune Protect travel insurance provides coverage for various situations, offering peace of mind during your trip.

Enjoy Stress-Free Travel:

Air Arabia suggests adding Tune Protect travel insurance for USD 50,000 medical reimbursement, USD 20,000 evacuation, and USD 3,000 cancellation coverage.

Dropping Luggage Early for Air Arabia

When preparing for your Air Arabia flight, taking advantage of early luggage drop is a convenient option. Early check-in opens 36 hours before departure, allowing you to efficiently handle your bags. Additionally, there’s the possibility of a dedicated bag drop service, simplifying the process. Aim to check your bags between two and four hours before your scheduled flight for a smooth experience.

Checked Baggage Specifications

Understanding the specifications for checked baggage is crucial to avoid any hiccups. Each individual piece can weigh up to 32 kg, with dimensions not exceeding 158 CM/62 IN (width + depth + length). Adhering to these guidelines ensures your checked luggage meets the airline’s requirements.

Hand Baggage Allowance

Navigating hand baggage rules is equally important. The free allowance, applicable to Basic/Value/Extra fare options, dictates a maximum weight of 10 kgs. The dimensions, including the handle, pockets, and wheels, should stay within 55 x 40 x 20 cm. Ensuring compliance with these limits ensures a hassle-free experience with your hand baggage.

Prohibited Items in Checked Baggage

Prohibited Items in Checked Baggage

Understanding what items are prohibited in checked baggage is vital for passenger safety and compliance with aviation regulations. Items such as flammable materials, poisonous substances, radioactive items, firearms, and explosives are strictly forbidden. Familiarizing yourself with this list helps avoid any issues during the check-in process.

Perfume in Checked Luggage

Carrying perfume in your checked luggage is allowed but with certain limitations. Each container must not exceed 500ml, and all liquids should be appropriately packed. It’s worth noting that liquids exceeding 100ml should be placed in your checked baggage. Adhering to these guidelines ensures a seamless experience with your favorite scents.

Full-size shampoo in Checked Luggage

When it comes to toiletries like full-size shampoo, the key rule is not to carry more than 100ml of a restricted liquid in the cabin. Larger quantities of liquids should be packed in your checked luggage to comply with airline regulations. Remembering and adhering to these guidelines simplifies your travel preparations.

Adding Extra Baggage in Air Arabia

baggage policies after booking with Air Arabia, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Baggage Area Window: Click on the provided link, and you will be redirected to the baggage area window.
  2. Enter Details: Enter your PNR number, last name, and departure date. Click on the search button.
  3. Select Baggage Option: Extra and Value or Basic Fare options will appear with kilograms and prices. Choose the desired amount.
  4. Make Payment: You can make the payment through a credit card or visit an Air Arabia office.

Adding 10 kg Extra in Air Arabia

Yes, you can add 10kg extra, but if your total baggage is already below 40kg. You can add a maximum of 40kg to your ticket. Beyond that, additional charges apply at the airport.

Carton Box Allowance in Air Arabia

Carton Box Allowance in Air Arabia

Yes, carton boxes are allowed, but pack them properly. Use plastic wrapping, avoid tying ropes, and pre-apply cotton tape. Ensure the dimensions do not exceed 158 cm when calculated on all four sides.

Excess Baggage Charges in Air Arabia

Air Arabia charges approximately 50 dirhams for every extra kilogram, plus a 30 dirham handling fee.

Overweight Luggage 03 kg Over

For luggage exceeding the allowed weight by 3 kg, calculate the charge using the formula: 3 kg x 50 dirhams + 30 dirhams (airport tax) = 180 dirhams.

Maximum Weight in One Bag

You can put 30kg in one bag if your ticket allows it. For 40kg, it’s recommended to split into two bags, ensuring neither exceeds 32 kg to avoid overweight charges at the airport.

Air Arabia Hand Baggage RulesAir Arabia Hand Baggage Rules

Hand Luggage Allowance

On any Air Arabia flight, you are permitted one piece of hand luggage with a maximum weight of 10kg. Ensure the dimensions, including handles and wheels, do not exceed 55cm x 40cm x 20cm.

Can I Take 2 Bags as Hand Luggage?

In economy class, you can typically bring one carry-on and one personal item. The second bag should fit underneath your seat or go into the overhead bin. Upgraded classes may allow an additional carry-on bag.

Inclusion of Hand Bag and Laptop in 10kg?

Yes, you can carry a laptop bag along with a 10kg carry-on bag as cabin luggage on domestic flights in India. The combined weight must not exceed 10 kg, and the laptop bag should not exceed 45cm x 35cm x 25cm.

Can I Take 10kg Hand Luggage and a Backpack?

You can carry up to 10kg in one bag (56x45x25cm) and a small personal item that fits under the seat in front of you. Alternatively, you can have a 10kg bag (56x36x23cm) and a personal item like a handbag or small backpack.

Does a Lady’s Handbag Count as Hand Luggage?

Cabin luggage refers to the suitcase or bag allowed on the flight. This could be a duffel bag, a small travel case, or a handbag. The allowance for one piece is generally a maximum of 10kg.

Taking TV on Air Arabia Flight:

If you’re bringing a TV on an Air Arabia flight, keep in mind there’s a charge of AED 150 plus a handling fee for LCD or LED TVs measuring 40 inches and above. The maximum permitted size is 60 inches. Check the prohibited items checklist here for items not allowed in hand and checked baggage.

In-flight TV Programs:

Yes, Air Arabia provides in-flight entertainment with various TV programs showcasing movies, sports, recalls, comedy, and more. The programs are pre-selected and vary depending on the travel sector.

Wi-Fi on Air Arabia Plane

Air Arabia offers Wi-Fi on board. After takeoff, enable the Wi-Fi connection and select the ‘SkyTime’ network. By logging in, you can browse a diverse range of entertainment content. There’s also an exclusive feature providing valuable tips about the city you’re traveling to.

Air Arabia allowed TV-size international

Maximum TV Size Allowed in Flight:

The maximum TV size allowed depends on the airline. Most airlines, including Air Arabia, permit TVs up to 60 inches with a weight not exceeding 32.0 kg. If your TV exceeds these dimensions, you might incur an additional charge of 150 plus 30 in Air Arabia flights.

TV Screens on Air Arabia:

Yes, Air Arabia provides in-flight TV programs covering movies, sports, recalls, comedy, and more.

ZamZam Water on Air Arabia Flight:

ZamZam Water on Air Arabia

ZamZam water is allowed on Air Arabia flights. However, manually filled bottles are not permitted. The water bottle must be sealed with a plastic sheet and cannot be placed inside checked-in baggage. Only Umrah visa holders can carry up to five liters of ZamZam water.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can I bring a TV on Air Arabia flights?

Yes, you can, but there’s a fee of AED 150 plus a handling fee for LCD or LED TVs measuring 40 inches and above. The maximum allowed size is 60 inches.

Does Air Arabia provide in-flight TV programs?

Absolutely! Air Arabia offers a variety of in-flight TV programs featuring movies, sports, recalls, comedy, and more. The programs are pre-selected and vary based on your travel sector.

Is Wi-Fi available on Air Arabia planes?

Yes, Air Arabia provides Wi-Fi on board. You can access it after takeoff by enabling the Wi-Fi connection and selecting the ‘SkyTime’ network. Enjoy a range of entertainment content and exclusive city tips by logging in.

What is the maximum size of TV allowed in-flight?

Most airlines, including Air Arabia, allow TVs up to 60 inches with a weight not exceeding 32.0 kg. If your TV exceeds these dimensions, there might be an additional charge.

Are there TV screens on Air Arabia flights?

Yes, Air Arabia provides in-flight TV programs covering movies, sports, recalls, comedy, and more.

Can I bring ZamZam water on Air Arabia flights?

Yes, you can bring ZamZam water, but manually filled bottles are not allowed. Ensure the bottle is sealed with a plastic sheet and it cannot be placed in checked-in baggage. Only Umrah visa holders can carry up to five liters.

How much is the charge for oversized TV dimensions on Air Arabia flights?

If your TV dimensions exceed the limits, Air Arabia may charge an additional fee of AED 150 plus 30.

Is there a checklist for prohibited items on Air Arabia flights?

Yes, you can review the checklist of prohibited items for both hand and checked baggage on Air Arabia’s official website.

Can I access Wi-Fi immediately after boarding on Air Arabia flights?

You can access Wi-Fi after takeoff by enabling the connection and selecting the ‘SkyTime’ network.

Are Umrah visa holders the only ones allowed to carry Zamzam water?

Yes, only Umrah visa holders are permitted to carry up to five liters of ZamZam water. Other passengers are subject to different regulations.


In conclusion, Air Arabia allows passengers to bring TVs on their flights, but it’s essential to be aware of the associated fees and size restrictions. The airline provides a diverse range of in-flight TV programs for entertainment, complemented by the convenience of Wi-Fi access on board. Understanding the guidelines for bringing items like ZamZam water ensures a smooth travel experience. As you embark on your journey with Air Arabia, stay informed, enjoy the in-flight entertainment, and have a pleasant and hassle-free flight. If you have any further reading






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