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Air Arabia Extra Baggage Charges:Extra 10 Kg Policy

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Allow us to introduce Sadaqat Shah, an Air Arabia employee with a wealth of experience in the aviation industry. Mr. Shah has dedicated 15 years of service at Sharjah Airport, specializing in Air Arabia airlines. He holds an SDC certificate from the Air Arabia Academy and has successfully completed a Passenger Handling Course from the same prestigious institution. With eight years of experience at the Air Arabia Check-in Counter, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the airline and its passengers. Air Arabia Academy 
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Air Arabia 10 kg Extra Baggage Policy


Air Arabia, a prominent airline serving various destinations, offers passengers options to enhance their baggage allowance. This comprehensive article will explore the Air Arabia Extra 10 kg Baggage Charges and Policies methods to add an extra 10 kg of baggage to your Air Arabia booking. Whether you’re planning a vacation during peak travel times or require additional luggage for any reason, understanding Air Arabia’s policies can save you time and money.

Air Arabia 10 kg extra baggage policy

Air Arabia Extra 10 kg Baggage Charges and Policies

Condition 👇👇 During peak travel times or special events, such as school vacations or festivals, Air Arabia provides an enticing offer. The first 100 passengers on these flights can add either 40 kg or 30 kg of extra luggage. As a bonus, they also get a 10 kg free handbag allowance, making it a total of 50 kg for the former and 40 kg for the latter. Modification in Ticket It’s important to note that if you intend to modify your ticket to avail of this offer, you must do so at least 24 hours in advance. Any modifications within 24 hours of your flight will not be permitted. Pricing👇👇 The cost of this additional baggage allowance can vary, ranging from as low as 20 dirhams to 50 dirhams. This flexibility in pricing ensures that passengers can choose the option that best suits their needs and budget.

Policy to Add 20 kg Luggage

Condition 👇 For travelers who miss the opportunity of the initial 100 passengers, there is still hope. After the first 150 passengers have secured their baggage allowance, the remaining passengers can add 20 kg of extra luggage. This offer becomes available 24 hours before the flight departure, providing a convenient last-minute option. .How to Add Luggage There are multiple methods to add extra baggage to your booking: .Online Booking: Visit the Air Arabia website. Click on “Manage Booking.” Enter your reservation number and select your departure date. Add your first and last name, then click “Continue” to complete the process. .Call Center: Contact the Air Arabia call center with your ticket reservation details for assistance. Visit an Office: Locate a nearby Air Arabia office and present your ticket. Share your reservation number with the agent, and they will help you add the desired baggage allowance. Remember, you must add the luggage 24 hours in advance. Pricing The pricing for this option, available 24 hours in advance, falls between AED 30 and AED 50. This policy covers both 30 kg and 20 kg of additional luggage and offers an affordable solution for those who require a bit more space. Bonus Tip 👇 Even if your flight is less than 24 hours away, there’s a way to add 20 kg of luggage at the airport. For a fee of 80 dirhams, you can take advantage of this opportunity. This includes 50 dirhams for the luggage charge and 30 dirhams for the airport tax. In addition to the 20 kg luggage, you’ll receive a 10 kg handbag allowance. However, keep in mind that if your luggage exceeds 20 kg, you’ll have to pay AED 50 for each additional kilogramo

Air Arabia Extra 10 kg Baggage Charges Policy

For passengers who require an extra 10 kg of baggage on top of their existing 30 kg basic plan, Air Arabia offers a policy priced at 180 AED. This includes a 150 dirham luggage charge and a 30 dirham airport tax. This option also grants passengers a 10 kg free handbag allowance, providing extra convenience and flexibility for travelers.

Air Arabia extra baggage charges per kg in India

Air Arabia’s extra baggage charges for flights from Sharjah Airport to various cities in India are set at 50 AED per kg, with an additional 30 AED handling fee. This fee applies to any city in India that Air Arabia serves, including but not limited to Mumbai, Goa, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Calicut, Trivandrum (COK), Bengaluru, Jaipur, and Coimbatore (CJB). It’s important to note that this charge applies to any additional kilograms exceeding your ticket limit. For instance, if you have booked 30 kg with your ticket and find your luggage exceeding this limit, you can add 10 kg of extra luggage for 180 dirhams. Here are three methods to add the extra 10 kg: air arabia extra baggage charges

  1. Online Check: Check online through the Air Arabia website a few days before your flight. If the 40 kg option is available on your flight date, you can add it through online payment. Click on “How to add luggage online.”
  2. Visit Air Arabia Office: Visit the Air Arabia office with your ticket. Add 10 kg through the office. You can find the Air Arabia office location and contact number on their website.
  3. Call Air Arabia Call Center: Call the Air Arabia Call Center and provide necessary information such as PNR number, Ticket Number, Reference Number, or Reservation Number. Share personal details like first name, last name, mobile number, and email address. The customer call agent will assist you in adding the extra 10 kg, and you can make the payment online through your credit card.

Choose the method that suits you best for a hassle-free experience in managing your extra baggage.

Air Arabia check-in baggage size

The dimensions for Air Arabia’s checked baggage hinge on the specific route you’re traveling. Check out the particulars below:

  1. For Flights Departing from Sharjah UAE: Each piece of check-in baggage should not surpass a weight limit of 32 kg. The combined dimensions (width + depth + length) must not exceed 158 cm or 62 inches. Passengers can opt for:
    • 20 KG in 1 piece: Starting at AED 15 per passenger for a one-way journey.
    • 30 KG in 1 piece: Starting at AED 15 per passenger for a one-way journey.
    • 30 KG total baggage in up to 2 pieces: Starting at AED 20 per passenger for a one-way journey.
    • 40 KG total baggage in up to 2 pieces: Starting at AED 20 per passenger for a one-way journey.
  2. For Flights Departing from Egypt: The maximum weight allowed per individual piece of check-in baggage is 32 kg The total dimensions (width + depth + length) must not exceed 158 cm or 62 inches. Departing passengers from Cairo are granted a standard check-in baggage allowance of 30 KG, unless otherwise specified during booking.
  3. For Flights Departing from Morocco: The maximum weight permitted per individual piece of check-in luggage is 32 kg not more than These are international rules for all airlines The total dimensions (width + depth + length) must not exceed 160 cms. Baggage rates fluctuate based on weight:
    • 15 KG: Starting at EUR 12 per passenger for a one-way journey.
    • 20 KG: Starting at EUR 17 per passenger for a one-way journey.
    • 25 KG: Starting at EUR 27 per passenger for a one-way journey.
    • 30 KG: Starting at EUR 38 per passenger for a one-way journey.
    • 40 KG: Starting at EUR 54 per passenger for a one-way journey.
    • 50 KG: Starting at EUR 82 per passenger for a one-way journey.

Remember, checked bags must stay within the specified size limits and have at least one flat surface air arabia extra baggage charges per kg in uae. air arabia extra baggage charges per kg in uae

How do I know if my baggage exceeds the weight limit?

To check if your baggage surpasses the weight limit, follow these steps:

  • Weigh Your Baggage in Advance: Utilize a standard home scale to weigh your bag before your airport visit. For increased accuracy, step on the scale first, then hold your bag to calculate the difference.
  • Review Airline Guidelines: Each airline sets distinct weight limits for checked baggage. Check the airline’s official website or contact customer service to ascertain the precise weight allowance for your flight.
  • Understand the Allowances: Generally, airlines permit around 50 pounds kilograms) for checked bags. Be mindful of any additional fees associated with exceeding this weight limit.
  • Reorganize Your Items: If your bag exceeds the weight limit, consider redistributing some items to your carry-on bag. Ensure your carry-on adheres to the airline’s size and weight constraints.

Keep in mind that different airlines have diverse policies, so always verify the specific rules for your flight. Wishing you safe and pleasant travels. **Air Arabia City Check-In at Safeer Mall: A Convenient Travel Experience**

Can I buy extra baggage during check-in?

Air Arabia City Check-In at Safeer Mall: A Convenient Travel Experience Short answer: Absolutely! You can indeed acquire additional baggage right at the airport. However, the dynamics vary based on your ticket, leading to different scenarios. Allow me to guide you through a few illustrations: Scenario 1: 👇👇 Zero Baggage Listed on the Ticket If your ticket indicates 0 luggage, don’t worry. At the airport check-in counter, the airline extends an offer of 20 Kg for a minimum charge of 80 dirhams. This covers 20 kg of luggage and an additional 10 kg for your free handbag. Should your luggage exceed 20 kg, an extra charge of 50 dirhams per kilo applies. For instance, if your total luggage is 25 kg, you’ll pay 80 AED for the first 20 kg and an additional 250 AED for the remaining 5 kg, as this constitutes your extra baggage. Scenario 2: 👇👇 Additional Luggage Added During Booking If you added 20 kg during ticket booking and require an extra 10 kg or 20 kg, you have options. Check the airline’s website for additional luggage availability and add it online by making a payment. Alternatively, contact the customer center to provide your details and add the extra luggage. You can also visit the nearest office to add extra luggage, with a minimum charge of 50 dirhams for adding 10 kg. For an additional 20 kg after the initial 20 kg, the minimum charge is 180 dirhams during ticket booking. If available in the system, you’ll be accommodated; otherwise, airport charges apply based on the excess baggage rate. For more detailed information, you can refer to the complete article here. Safe travels.

Air Arabia Office Locations in the UAE

Air Arabia office Location Here are the addresses and contact numbers for Air Arabia offices in various locations across the United Arab Emirates: Sharjah 👇👇

  • Address: Air Arabia Head Office, Sharjah Freight Center, Sharjah International Airport, P.O. Box 132, Sharjah, UAE
  • Contact Number: +971 6 508 8888

Ajman 👇👇

  • Address: Ground Floor, Ajman Museum, Sheikh Rashid bin Humeed St., P.O. Box 132, Ajman, UAE
  • Contact Number: +971 6 740 1410

Dubai 👇👇

  • Address: Ground Floor, Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority (DAFZA) Building 5W, DAFZA Road, Dubai, UAE
  • Contact Number: +971 4 222 2575

Ras Al Khaimah

  • Address: Ground Floor, Gulf Air, Al Nakheel Street, Al Nakheel, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE
  • Contact Number: +971 7 227 1810

Fujairah 👇👇

  • Address: Sheikh Khalid bin Sultan Street, Opposite King Faisal Mosque, Fujairah UAE
  • Contact Number: +971 4 222 2575

Abu Dhabi 👇👇

  • Address: Ground Floor, Abu Dhabi National Hotel, Electra Street, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Contact Number: +971 2 644 0371

This information allows passengers to easily locate Air Arabia offices in different emirates for assistance with their travel needs. Air Arabia office Location

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  •  many pieces can we carry in 40 kg weight? Passengers with a 40 kg baggage allowance can carry 2 or 3 bags, but it’s important to ensure that no single piece exceeds 32 kg.
  • Is one piece of 40 kg allowed in Air Arabia flights? Yes, Air Arabia permits a single piece of 40 kg luggage. However, it’s essential to note that items exceeding the weight limit may incur additional charges.
  • How to Add Extra 10 KG in Air Arabia? Passengers can pre-book an extra 10 kg of checked baggage allowance by contacting the Air Arabia call center, visiting sales offices, or working with their travel partners. This can be done up to 12 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure.
  • How much does 1 kg extra cost for Asian countries? For passengers traveling to Asian countries, an additional 1 kg costs 50 dirhams, plus a 30 dirham airport tax as a one-time charge. After that, there’s a 50 dirhams extra cost for each additional kilogram.
  • Can I take 10 kg in hand luggage? Cabin luggage, comprising items such as a duffel bag, a small travel case, or a handbag, allows for a maximum weight of 10 kg per piece.
  • How much baggage is free in Air Arabia? Air Arabia provides a generous free hand baggage allowance of 10 kg to passengers. The airline strives to ensure that baggage is delivered on time, but occasional delays or mishandling may occur despite their best efforts
  • How much is 5 kg of extra baggage? For travelers heading to Asian countries, there is a fee of 280 AED for an additional 5 kg of baggage. This charge includes a 250 AED luggage fee and a 30 AED airport tax.
  • Can we increase the weight in Air Arabia flights? Air Arabia allows passengers to increase their luggage weight up to 40 kg. However, for luggage exceeding 40 kg, an additional charge will be applied.

In Conclusion

Air Arabia’s flexible baggage policies offer passengers a range of choices to accommodate their travel needs. Whether you need additional luggage for a special occasion or are looking for cost-effective options, understanding these policies can enhance your overall travel experience with Air Arabia. Feel free to reach out to the nearest Air Arabia office for personalized assistance and support during your journey.                                              

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