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Fly Jinnah Booking: What You Need To Know”

Regarding Fly Jinnah

Fly Jinnah


Fly Jinnah is a Pakistani airline that operates ondomestic routes within Pakistan. It is a joint venture company between the Lakson Group and the Air Arabia Group. Here are some key points about Fly Jinnah:

Genuine Worth: Soaring Jinnah prioritizes providing travelers with comfort, dependability, and cost-effective air travel.. As a homegrown airline, it caters to travelers across the country, making Pakistan its home.
Air Rewards: Fly Jinnah’s loyalty program, Air Rewards, is one of the most generous in the region. It follows a simple earn-and-redeem plan, providing maximum value for points earned. Join now and explore new possibilities with Air Rewards.
Spacious Economy-Class Legroom: Fly Jinnah offers the largest economy-class legroom in the sky, ensuring passenger comfort during flights.
Domestic Routes: Fly Jinnah operates on domestic routes from Karachi to Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, and Quetta.

An airline based in Pakistan, Fly Jinnah, serves domestic routes only. The Lakson Group and the Air Arabia Group jointly own the business. Here are some essential details on Fly Jinnah:

True Value: Fly Jinnah’s primary goals are to provide clients with economical, dependable, and comfortable air travel. Being a domestic airline, it serves passengers all over the nation, considering Pakistan its home.
Air Rewards: One of the most generous loyalty programs in the area is Fly Jinnah’s Air Rewards. It provides maximum value for points earned and operates on a straightforward earn-and-redeem model. Sign up now to use Air Rewards to discover new opportunities.
Largest Economy-Class Legroom in the Sky: Fly Jinnah provides the most legroom for economy class passengers, guaranteeing them comfort while flying.
Domestic Flights: Domestic flights are offered by Fly Jinnah between Karachi to Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, and Quetta.

fly jinnah booking

fly jinnah booking

Here are some choices for you to consider if you want to reserve flights with Fly Jinnah:
1. Online Booking: Fly Jinnah’s official website is the most convenient place to purchase tickets. You can always count on getting the best fares when you book online. To go over your flight options and make your reservation, go to the Fly Jinnah website.
2. is an additional dependable website for purchasing Fly Jinnah tickets. Just launch the app or website, look for Fly Jinnah flights on the route you want, and complete your reservation.

1 Call Center: You can also talk to a travel counselor by calling Fly Jinnah’s round-the-clock phone center. They will help you over the phone with your reservation.
2 Sales Offices: Visit the Fly Jinnah sales office that is closest to you in any of the cities they serve if you would rather have an in-person experience. For your convenience, their sales offices are dispersed around several locations.

Fly Jinnah Flight Schedule

Fly jinnah online booking

The Fly Jinnah flight schedule is as follows:
Islamabad to Karachi.
Flight in the morning: departs at 7:00 AM
Evening flight: 6:50 pm departure time
Alternative Paths:
Fly Jinnah offers flights from Karachi to Lahor,Quetta,and Peshawar.

fly jinnah ticket price karachi to islamabad

Of course! You will find that Fly Jinnah’s airfares are very reasonable when you book your flight from Karachi to Islamabad. For this trip, the starting ticket price is merely Rs. 13,999  Because of this, Fly Jinnah is a more affordable option than other airlines that charge much more for the same trip.

Therefore, think about scheduling your travel  with Fly Jinnah if you’re thinking about visiting the nation’s capital. Savor the affordable tickets, roomy economy seats, and a variety of airport amenities while you’re on the road! 😍✨

fly jinnah ticket price karachi to lahore

When you take a flight on Jinnah from Karachi to Lahor, you will see that their prices are * really reasonable.Depending on the ticket class* you select, the starting price for this route is as low as Rs(1399) and can go as high as Rs(16999 )The average cost of a plane ticket,including the seat fee and allowable carry-on luggage,is about Rs. (14947)

Fly jinnah international flights:

The Lakson Group and the Air Arabia Group have partnered to create Fly Jinnah, a Pakistani airline that is growing! 🌐✈️ It will soon expand to provide international flights outside of Pakistan. The fascinating locations Fly Jinnah intends to connect to are as follows:

1* Bangladesh and Afghanistan
2* Malaysia and Iraq
3* Oman and qatar
4* saudi Arabia
6* Thailand

8* United Arab Emirates( UAE)

Fly Jinnah has already begun flying domestically between Pakistan’s main cities, such as Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, and Quetta12. So whether you’re traveling within or outside of Pakistan, Fly Jinnah strives to offer affordable, dependable, and comfortable flight travel. 🌍✨

You can check the Fly Jinnah website for additional information.

How to refund on Fly Jinnah ticket?

Fly Jinnah does not offer refunds on reservations made with money. Instead, after subtracting cancellation fees and other relevant costs, the money you have paid will be kept as Fly Jinnah Credit. Within a year after the date of payment, you can apply this credit toward subsequent flights12. Feel free to email Fly Jinnah for more help, or check out their Fly Jinnah App for news and exclusive offers1. 🛫🌖

What is Fly Jinnah Credit?

** When you cancel a paid booking, Fly Jinnah will keep the remaining amount after subtracting cancellation fees and any other applicable fees. This is known as Fly Jinnah Credit. Rather than being refunded, this credit is good for one year from the date of payment on other flights with Fly Jinnah. It’s similar to having a travel fund that you can use for your next excursions! 😫🌟*****

How do I use Fly Jinnah Credit?

How do I use Fly Jinnah Credit?

Use your Fly Jinnah Credit by doing the following:👇👇👇

1 Sign in: Open the Fly Jinnah App on your smartphone or go to the Fly Jinnah website.
2 Go to Your Account by clicking here. Search for a menu item labeled “Profile” or “My Account.”
3 Examine Your Credit: Locate the area where your credit balance is mentioned. It ought to show you how much Fly Jinnah Credit you have.
4 Make a New Flight Reservation: Proceed normally when making a new flight reservation. You will be able to use your Fly Jinnah Credit on the payment process.
5 Apply for Credit: Go with the “use your credit” option. Your Fly Jinnah Credit will be credited with the appropriate amount by the system.
6 Whole Reservation:Once the booking procedure is complete, your credit will be used to 👇👇 cover the entire amount.👇👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

Not : that Fly Jinnah Credit is valid for one year from the payment date, so make sure to use it within that time frame

what is the fly jinnah apps

One airline that provides smooth travel experiences is Fly Jinnah. To make your trip even more convenient, they have an Android app called “Fly Jinnah.” What the app allows you to do is as follows:

Travel Tips and Hacks

1.Book Flights: With just a few taps, you can browse and reserve Fly Jinnah flights. Your next journey is just around the corner.
2.Control Your Reservations: Change the dates of your flights or improve your trip by include extras like special meals, premium seating, and baggage.

3.Online Check-In: Check in online to avoid standing in line at the airport. It’s a quicker and more seamless way to begin your journey.

4.Flight Status information: Make sure you arrive on time and prepared by staying informed with real-time flight status information.

5.Current Promotions: Don’t pass up special deals and discounts that are reserved especially for you. Observe the most recent offers available within the app.

6.Configuring a profile: Save your information only once to prevent entering it again.

7.Plan Your Future Trips: Keep track of all your upcoming travels, regardless of how you booked them, in a single convenient place. Enjoy straightforward management and a smooth check-in process.

8.AirRewards Points: Treat yourself for choosing Fly Jinnah for your travels! Receive up to 10% cashback on your bookings and use your points for payments, even post-trip

How much is the name change fee in Fly Jinnah

The specifics of your reservation will determine the Fly Jinnah name change cost. These are the specifics:

1 Free Name Change:(Before Payment): You are eligible to request a free name change if your reservation is still on hold and has not been paid for. However, there will be a charge to change the passenger’s name after the reservation has been paid for.
2 Name Change Fee: (After Payment): A name change fee of PKR 3,500 must be paid in order to modify the passenger’s name after payment. Furthermore, the difference in fare (if any) must also be paid.

3 ** Timeline: Keep in mind that you need to complete this procedure at least 24 hours prior to the designated flight departure time.***

How to cancel Fly Jinnah ticket

Fly jinnah airlines

You can choose from a different ways to cancel your Fly Jinnah ticket

1** Online Cancellation: Go to their website’s Fly Jinnah Cancellation Page.
When canceling, be sure to include your reservation number.
Please be aware that there will be a charge for cancellations.
2** Reach the Fly Jinnah Call Center at call
Fly Jinnah’s customer service at 0800 74462.
Give them the information of your reservation and let them know about your request to cancel.
3** Visit Partner Travel Agents or Sales Offices:
You can also visit Fly Jinnah’s sales offices or approved travel agents in person to cancel your reservation.
For reference, don’t forget to bring your reservation number.
Remember that if you have a Basic Fare12, you can cancel your reservation up to 24 hours before to the scheduled departure time. 😊

fly jinnah discounts

**Fly Jinnah** is a Pakistani airline that prioritizes comfort dependability, and affordability when providing **true value** to its patrons. Let’s examine a few of their most recent sales.

1. **One-Way Ticket for Rs. 11000**: You can purchase a one-way ticket between **Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahor** for just **Rs. 11000** until **15 June 2024 **This deal offers a cheap method to travel, whether you’re going to the capital city of Islamabad or the busy streets of Lahore.**

2. **Exclusive Savings for Grooms,Brides,and Wedding Attendees**
Fly Jinnah offers wedding planning services in Karachi. Get a trip to Karachi for just *Rs 7777 for a one-way ticket. It’s an amazing chance for both newlyweds and wedding guests.

fly jinnah promo code

Fly Jinnah does not provide any special coupons or promo codes. To accommodate the interests of their clients, they do, however, provide a variety of payment methods Let’s investigate

Fly Jinnah and their offerings in more details

Fly with AirRewards, a Loyalty Program The region’s most generous loyalty program is Jinnah’s AirRewards.
Its straightforward earn-and-redeem scheme guarantees that points are worth the most possible.
Passengers can find new opportunities and receive advantages by enrolling in AirRewards.


Fly Jinnah is a low-cost airline based in Pakistan that seeks to offer travelers throughout Pakistan dependable and reasonably priced air travel. The Lakson Group and the Air Arabia Group jointly own it. The airline runs the Air Rewards reward program, places a high priority on passenger comfort, and provides plenty of legroom in economy class. Fly Jinnah aims to provide you with a convenient and enjoyable travel experience, regardless of your reason for traveling.

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