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Plan your trip automatically and easily! Let’s take advantage of “Google Travel”


When you want to travel somewhere, it’s fun to think about the destination, but when actually planning, you have to think about things like “Which route will I take?” “How much will the transportation cost?” and “How will I book accommodation and schedule?” Many people find planning like this to be a hassle.

Some people may find it difficult to plan a trip because they are not good at planning travel dates or calculating costs.

Google Travel is useful in such cases. It is a system that automatically creates and proposes travel plans, and anyone can easily use it.

In this article, we will introduce what Google Travel is and how to use it. Please take advantage of this opportunity to use Google Travel, which allows you to quickly plan your trip without dampening your desire to travel.

table of contents

  • What is Google Travel?
    • You can automatically create a schedule plan
    • Displays recommended travel destinations based on search trends
  • How to use Google Travel
    • Search by destination or tourist attraction name
    • Search for your destination while looking at the map
    • Search by tourist spot
    • Check flight information to your dqestination
    • Check hotels and private lodging near your destination
  • Plan your trip using “National Travel Support”!
  • Let’s use Google Travel for travel planning♪

What is Google Travel?

Google Travel is a travel management tool provided by Google since May 14, 2019 . By using Google Travel, you can check all the information you need when going on a trip, such as transportation, accommodation, recommended tourist areas, etc. Because it is a tool that operates on a browser rather than an app, you can use Google Travel from either your smartphone or computer.

Previously, there was a similar tool called “Google Trips,” but the service was discontinued in August 2019 to be replaced by the launch of Google Travel. Another feature is that the travel preparation and various procedure functions that were available in Google Trips have been carried over to Google Travel.

You can automatically create a schedule plan

When you use an airline’s website or travel reservation site to book a flight or accommodation while logged in to your Google account, Google Travel will automatically create and propose a travel schedule for you. This feature is recommended for people who find it troublesome to think about their travel schedule or want to know about recommended sightseeing spots.

Since you don’t have to act on the information presented by Google Travel, you can also use it to plan your trip based on a list of possible sightseeing spots and how to access them

Displays recommended travel destinations based on search trends

Google Travel is also attractive because it displays recommended travel destinations based on past search trends within Google. Google Travel will also suggest travel destinations based on the trends in place names you search for.

By using Google Travel, even if you’re just thinking about planning a trip, it can help you decide on a destination. When talking with family or friends, it’s not uncommon for them to open Google Travel, choose from the recommended destinations, and then say, “I’ve decided to go on a trip.”

How to use Google Travel

Google Travel has a collection of functions that collect the information you need for your trip. The point is that you can check a variety of information, from searching for travel destinations to surrounding information, accommodation information, and flight information.

Here, we will explain how to use Google Travel by dividing it into each function.

Search by destination or tourist attraction name

When you open Google Travel, there is a search window on the screen, so you can search for your travel destination by typing in the name of the destination or tourist spot. For example, if you search for “Atami Onsen,” you can find out about recommended inns and spots around Atami Onsen.

Search for your destination while looking at the map

Google Travel also allows you to check information around your destination while viewing a map. When you open the “Search Destination” tab, a screen will appear where you can search for a destination by place name. Once you enter your destination, suggested famous cities will be automatically displayed.

However, please note that searches for areas other than the area where the airport is located are not displayed, so it is not suitable for searching for detailed place names.

The PC version of Google Travel allows you to search while viewing a map, making it easier to intuitively determine distances. There is also the advantage of being able to select detailed locations by enlarging the map, so if you want to search for a destination while viewing the map, we recommend using a computer.

Search by tourist spot

By entering the name of your travel destination in the “Tourist Spots” tab, you can display a list of tourist spots in the surrounding area. The advantage is that you can check the ratings, reviews, landscape photos, etc. of each tourist spot based on Google search results, making it easy to find the spot you want to visit.

When searching on a computer, sightseeing spots are displayed as pins on a map, which makes it easy to plan which route to take when traveling.

Check flight information to your destination

On the Flights tab, you can search for recommended flight information by entering your origin, destination, and date. In addition to being able to make detailed selections such as transit destinations, transfer points, amount of baggage, and airline, you can also search using filters such as “one-way search.”

Simply specify the date and time, number of people, departure point, and destination, and a list of airlines operating on the relevant date and time will be displayed. In addition to being able to check details such as fares, departure times, and the time it takes to fly, the great thing about it is that you can even proceed to the reservation of tickets.

Check hotels and private lodging near your destination

You can find accommodation information near your destination by searching for the name of your destination in the Hotels and Vacation Rentals tabs. In addition to checking room images and ratings, you can also check the number of rooms available, plans, and prices all at once.

Another great thing about the PC version is that the location of your accommodation is displayed as a pin on the map, so you can check the distance to the sightseeing spot you want to visit.

Plan your trip using “National Travel Support”!

In recent years, there has been a rapid increase in the number of people who are taking advantage of the National Travel Support program to travel at great deals. Nationwide travel support is a support project that is available only during a specific period, such as 20% off travel fees (some limits apply: 5,000 yen for lodging with transportation/3,000 yen for others), and 2,000 yen worth of free coupons (1,000 yen on holidays) . The advantage is that you can travel far away at a great price.

In addition to cutting your travel cost by up to 5,000 yen (the discount amount varies depending on the day of the week you stay), you can also use free coupons that can be used at souvenir shops in the area surrounding your destination to purchase up to 2,000 yen. To receive the nationwide travel support discount service, you will need “identity verification documents such as my number card” + “certificate of 3 vaccinations or negative PCR test result” .

You can apply for nationwide travel support when applying to travel reservation sites, travel agencies, and accommodation facilities. Why not take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy a fun and affordable trip?

(*As of February 2023, nationwide travel support is scheduled to be implemented until March 31, 2023. However, in some prefectures or prefectures that have run out of budget, national travel support will not be provided until the scheduled date. (It may have ended.)

Let’s use Google Travel for travel planning

Google Travel is a travel planning tool provided by Google. By entering the name of a travel destination, place name, tourist spot, etc., you can check a wide range of information such as hotel information and surrounding information.

Another benefit is that you can easily check your travel expenses because you can see a list of travel costs and accommodation costs. Since you can easily make travel plans, it is perfect for people who like to travel but sometimes give up at the planning stage.

In recent years, there have been campaigns such as “Nationwide Travel Support” that allow you to travel at great deals, so why not take this opportunity to use Google Travel to easily and enjoyably plan your trip?

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